Our values

Our certification

Green Globe

Green Globe is an international certification programme which rewards the efforts of tourism businesses in their social, economic, cultural and environmental initiatives. It is the only certified benchmark for sustainable development and corporate social responsibility that exists in the tourist industry and which covers all players in this field.

Our approach

Environmental Observatory

The Grand Massif Environmental Observatory sets out to protect and respect our outstanding natural heritage.

Our label

Made in Grand Massif

The “Origine Grand Massif” association, formed out of love of the area and the desire to defend local values, gives producers from raw materials the possibility of obtaining the OGM (Origine Grand Massif) label as a guarantee of quality.

Our athletes


Talent also manifests itself in sport!  In the same way that it promotes local skills through the OGM label, the Grand Massif supports promising young athletes in different winter sports disciplines.  Follow their progress!