The athletes of the Grand Massif

Argeline Tan-Bouquet


Goal for the 2019-2020 season : Reach the world Top 3!

My career so far: From the resort of Morillon – qualified physiotherapist.  Silver and bronze medallist in the 2019 World Championships – 2018 Classic Crystal globe winner – 35 podium finishes including 5 World Cup victories.

My quotation: “Fast on the hills, as free as my heels”.

Maxime Pezet


My goal for 2019-2020: To take part in the junior world championships and finish in the top 5 of the Europe-Oceania rankings.

My career so far:  Having started out in the Morillon ski club, I discovered freeride at junior level in 2019 and at the Freeride Junior Tour was 3rd placed French rider and ranked 8th overall.

My quotation: “It is better to feel remorse than regret” by Bigflo and Oli

Titouan Cottret


My goal for 2019-2020: Finish on the podium at a FIS event and take part in European Cup races.

My motto: “Two things matter: winning and enjoyment, winning without enjoyment leaves a bitter taste”.