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Chariande 2

A chairlift at a standstill

As observed throughout the season, this ski lift is at a standstill. But for what reason?

Dog Handler

Tracker's adventure

Watch the film entitled “The Sense of Others – Tracker’s Adventure” about the profession of dog handling.

Energy Efficiency Plan

Reduction of energy consumption

This energy efficiency plan aims to reduce energy consumption in the Grand Massif area by 5% per year, over a two-year period.

Ski Lifts

Recycling sheave liners

A partnership established between the Compagnie des Alpes and the IDM team has made it possible for Grand Massif Domaines Skiables to process 2400 kg of used liners.

Staff Restaurant

Waste composting

Food waste from the staff canteen is recycled in composter.

0 bin in the ski area

Reducing litter in the mountains

The ski area’s rubbish bins have been removed to incite people to hold on to their waste to recycle and dispose of it at the bottom of the resorts.

Magland and Nancy-sur-Cluses forests

Reforestation of our territory

Grand Massif Domaines Skiables has been voluntarily financing the reforestation of local private tracts of forestry over a 3 year period, thanks to the sale of piste maps at 1€.

Biodiversity and Land Management

Establishing a management plan of our natural environment

Grand Massif Domaines Skiables is setting up a Management Plan covering all of the natural environments within the land it owns.

Biodiversity and development project

Wetland restoration

When a project is started, we are already thinking about ways to avoid and reduce any impact and then compensating for it.

Biodiversity and works

Replanting our work sites

Grand Massif Domaines Skiables is also committed to improving its seed mix with mixtures selected according to the agricultural context, but also to match naturally occurring seeds as closely as possible.

HVO fuel

One step closer to Zero carbon

Snow grooming is the primary source of GHG emissions for Grand Massif Domaines Skiables, accounting for nearly 80% of its direct carbon footprint due to the use of fossil fuels.

Black Grouse and Ptarmigan

Protecting wildlife wintering areas

What are the actions from Grand Massif Domaines Skiables to preserve these species ?

Mountain Plan

The Region gives us its support

The Region is investing in the mountains !