The mountains from a different perspective…

Experience new things!


Discover the many advantages of the Grand Massif and its five resorts.  Whether you are in Flaine, Les Carroz, Morillon, Samoëns, or even Sixt, we have tried out five activities for you.  Ready, steady,… slide “but not on skis”!


Wintry thrills guaranteed!

The reports shown below were made before the health crisis and so without prevention measures which we are currently using (wearing a mask and social distancing).



Gear up for an ice driving session in Flaine.  Following a full briefing by Eric on techniques specific to driving on ice, hop into your car and off you go for a thrilling ride!  Controlled skids, tight bends.  Not for the faint-hearted…



Treat yourself to at least two runs on the Alpine Coaster, Les Carroz’s must-do attraction.  Once with your eyes wide open on the successive banked turns in amongst the trees, not forgetting the ups and downs and the speed; and then again with a virtual reality headset which transports you into an alternative universe.



Discover Snooc, an easy and fun snow sport in the dedicated area of Les Esserts, Morillon.  Snooc is a hybrid contraption, a cross between a toboggan and a ski, providing a completely unique sliding experience.  After a few minutes of practice, this activity provides a lot of fun for all ages to share!


Get off the beaten track with Claire, a hiking guide, and learn how to do Afghan marching, a cross between physical exercise and meditation, a technique which is can be done by anyone.  By synchronizing your breathing with the rhythm of your steps, the Afghan walk helps us to advance faster, further and with less effort.



Finally, we share our favourite activity for those seeking authenticity.  We set off to the end of the earth!  Well almost, we headed to Sixt Fer à Cheval to discover traditional toboganning, also known as the “paret”.  After a brief period of familiarisation by Jérôme, the instructor, we are already pros!  Take advantage of this magnificent setting in the hamlet of Le Frenalay and enjoy this time spent among friends.


So, take a deep breath, relax, have fun and enjoy!


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