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Enjoy fun moments in the Grand Massif with specially adapted zones accessible to everyone !

The blue “Les Cascades” run

- Ski in the middle of the Sixt-Passy nature reserve
- See frozen waterfalls alongside this piste
­- Start from the top of the Grandes Platières in Flaine right down to Sixt, with an elevation drop of 1700m
­- 14km non-stop without using a ski lift!
­­- Free shuttle buses from Sixt to the Grand Massif Express in Samoëns (approx. every 20 mins) :
- Closure of the run at 4pm
- Take a look at the run down!

Flaine - Urban'z

In the Ballacha sector: access via the Ballacha draglift.
Various features and jumps for you to enjoy !

Flaine - Ze Funny Slope

On the Tourmaline blue run: access via the Grand Vans chairlift.
Enjoy various features and jumps as you head down the Veret bowl !

Les Carroz - Woops

On the Coin Coin green run: access via the Kédeuze gondola.
A series of rollers (little bumps one after the other) perfectly suited to the youngest skiers :
thrills in complete safety.
Green run exclusively reserved for beginners.

Les Carroz - Cool zone de l'Oasis

To the left of the Oasis draglift: access via the Kédeuze gondola or the Molliets chairlift.
A winter sports oasis for this blue level boardercross !

Les Carroz - Boardercross

On the Cupoire red run: access via the Gron or Molliets chairlifts.
This boardercross comprises 9 bends for a descent lasting over a minute.
Watch out: quite a “sporty” track (red run) !

Les Carroz - Speed Experience Zone

Access from the top of the Tête des Saix : take the Tête des Saix, the Coulouvrier or the Chariande Express chairlifts.
See if you can beat all speed records !

Les Carroz - tobogganing area

On the Bardelle slope.

Les Carroz - Rail toboggan run

Experience the Speed Dragoz' rail toboggan run.

Morillon - Ze Marvel Safari - 7km long legendary run through pine forests

­- On the green "Marvel" slope : access via the Sairon or Bergin Chairlift,
­- For skiing beginners and those that love stunning easy long trails,
­- Reached by the Sairon chairlift from Morillon 1100,
­- Toboggan run on the slope every Tuesday and Wednesday during French half term holidays!

Forfait-ski Grand Massif

Morillon - Ze KidzPark

On the Charnia blue run : access via the Esserts chairlift
Come and link whoops and banked turns on this new boardercross specially for children and with a difficulty equivalent to a blue run !

Morillon - Ze FunkyPark

On the Châlet blue run.
Fun freestyle zone, comprising freestyle features - red level of difficulty !

Samoëns - Ze SeptiSnake

Access via the Grand Massif Express gondola.
At the heart of the beginner zone which is served by a magic carpet lift. Come and learn how to link turns at a green level, interspersed with skiable features : gates, hoops…

Samoëns - ZiziPanPan’s Mysterious Forest

Access via Dahu or Gouilles blue runs.
Along this natural trail through the undergrowth, the mischievous ZiziPanPan pas put up 5 (foam) walls to block your way. Luckily the intrepid Tootizz have gone through before you to open up the way ! See if you can do the same !

Samoëns - ZouzouPark (tobogganing area)

Access via the Grand Massif Express gondola.

Sixt - tobogganing area

On the Fontaine slope.


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