Our ski areas

Get right into the heart of the Grand Massif ski area with its 139 pistes and its 5 ski resorts!
Thanks to its exceptional geographic position and its high altitude, the skiing area has an excellent snow conditions throughout the winter season. In addition, 80% of the Grand Massif slopes are facing north, which means the snow is not only abundant, but also of excellent quality.
The ski area is divided into various domains: the whole Grand Massif ski area, the Vill4ges sector and the Flaine sector. There are also other sectors, such as that of Sixt or the beginner zones, for which the lift passes need to be bought in their respective sectors.

GRAND MASSIF skipasses

Grand Massif's sector

Unlimited access to the 5 resorts of the Grand Massif ski area: Flaine, Les Carroz, Morillon, Samoëns and Sixt.

Explore the 139 pistes and the 62 ski lifts, situated between an elevation of 700m and 2500m!

The 5 beginner zones with around twenty lifts are also available for learning and practicing on

VILL4GES skipasses

Vill4ges' sector

Restricted to the resorts of Les Carroz, Morillon, Samoëns and Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval as well as the Vernant bowl.  NB: the Vill4ges lift pass does not include the resort of Flaine.

Access to 75 pistes and 38 ski lifts situated between an elevation of 700m and 2200m.

The Vill4ges sector includes ten lifts for learning safely in a variety of settings in 4 different

FLAINE skipasses

Flaine's Sector

Ski area restricted to the resort of Flaine and the Vernant bowl.  It does not exist for more than 2 consecutive days in high season.

Access to 64 pistes and 24 ski lifts situated between an elevation of 1600m and 2500m.

In Flaine, beginners can access 7 ski lifts in order to practice in a setting which is both fun and ideal for progression.