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Les Carroz, the family resort

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Samoëns, the traditional resort

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Sixt, the authentic resort

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Born more than 30 years ago during the 1982-1983 winter, Grand Massif is an exceptional destination both for its environment and for the quality of its ski area. This immense area of almost 40 000 hectares was born from a liaison created between La Tête des Saix and the four ski resort that form it : Flaine, Les Carroz, Morillon and Samoëns.

In addition, Grand Massif’s history is closely linked to the history of winter sports in France. Les Carroz, one of Grand Massif’s gems, hosted in 1939 the first ever ski lift. 1600 meters long, it erected this resort to the rank of first French ski resort.

Take pleasure in discovering the acclaimed resort of Flaine, the family resort of Les Carroz, Sixt in the heart of nature and the traditional resorts of Morillon and Samoëns.