Entertainment and events


Concert with Patrica Ponselle of the Paris Opera

— From 2020-08-16 to 2020-08-16

— Eglise 74340 Samoëns

Concert and musicals, with Patricia PONSELLE, Mezzo coloratur of the Paris Opera, in the company of Hugues de NOLLY and Sébastien TORCHET on piano and Valentine VENEZIA, actress, for a dialogue around art within the reach of all.


Mountain guides feast

— From 2020-08-16 to 2020-08-16

— Place de l'Ambiance 74300 Les Carroz-d'Arâches

Mountain activities, donkey rides, climbing, music... The Les Carroz Tourist Office and the Guides are organising a feast to comemorate mountain guides in order to help the victims of mountain accidents and their families.

The Criou Celt Festival

— From 2020-08-16 to 2020-08-22

— Samoëns 74340 Samoëns

The cities of Westport in Ireland and Samoens meet for a week to discuss their musical cultures, where music and dance will be featured.


Exposition Gina Bianchi

— From 2020-08-16 to 2020-08-30

— Salle des Ecuries du Château Place des Dents Blanches 74340 Samoëns

Dans la fraîcheur et dans le calme de la fin d’été, les Ecuries recevront une figure artistique aux talents florissants : Gina Bianchi.


Savoyard time with Vent des Alpes

— From 2020-08-17 to 2020-08-17

— Pied de ville 74340 Samoëns

Discover the traditional music of Savoie with the group 'Vents des Alpes' ! Alpine horns, accordion and Savoy songs.


Family time: "Monsieur et Madame" show

— From 2020-08-19 to 2020-08-19

— Halle de la Grenette Place du gros tilleul 74340 Samoëns

Through the Ilya Company, where Monsieur and Madame play clowning art as their favorite weapon throughout the show, they will also be able to touch you with their tenderness and dazzle you with their exploits!


Live Concert : Là Bas

— From 2020-08-21 to 2020-08-21

— Place de l'Ambiance 74300 Les Carroz-d'Arâches

(Re) Discover the greatest classics of Jean-Jacques Goldman with the tribute "Là Bas"


Woodcutter competition

— From 2020-08-23 to 2020-08-23

— Place de l'Ambiance 74300 Les Carroz-d'Arâches

A traditional feast with many entertainment:


classical music concert with Fred SNOEK

— From 2020-08-25 to 2020-08-25

— Eglise de Samoëns 74340 Samoëns

Fred SNOEK will be at the piano with the program of works by: Beethoven, Schubert , Chopin...After the show, thanks for your free participation for the artist.