Grand Massif Ski Passes

When does the GRAND MASSIF ski resort open ?

GRAND MASSIF ski resorts (Flaine, Les Carroz, Morillon, Samoëns and Sixt) will be open from saturday, december 23 until sunday, april 14.

Flaine, Les Carroz and Samoëns ski resorts will open from saturday, 16 until friday, december 22 2023 depending on the snow conditions.
Sixt ski resort will open on the 23th december until the 17th march. Flaine ski resort will close on sunday, april 21.

See the openings of slopes and ski lifts for each resort

Why anticipate and book your ski passes online?

No more waiting and going through checkouts, direct access to the slopes by booking onlien your skipass. The choice of this delivery method is possible for any order made 7 days before the start date of validity of your skipass (overseas shipping in 10 days).

Season Pass

For addicts

Unlimited access to our 5 resorts!

Skipass from 4h to 14 days

For all

Discover all the packages offered for skiing in the area from 4 hours to 14 days.

Skillico Pass

For saturdays' addicts

Reductions every day, -40% every Saturday and -10% all other days!

Beginner Pass

For beginners

Start skiing at a reduced price!

Pedestrian Pass

For pedestrians

Pedestrian passes allow you to take certain gondolas to enjoy the summits of the resorts (panoramas, restaurants) or, for example, to accompany children in skiing lessons.

Skiing is free

For those aged under 8 and those aged 75 and +

A proof of age (identity card, health insurance card, etc.) is required when booking online or at the cash desk.

Take a look at our lift pass offers and chosse the one that suits you best!

The Grand Massif adapts to your needs. Discover the different lift passes available for skiing in the area.
From 4 hours to 14 days, for the whole season or whenever you want…
Our offers are available for all of the Grand Massif resorts: Flaine, Les Carroz, Morillon; Samoëns and Sixt.

Our options include:
– The season pass for Grand Massif devotees (offer exclusively online),
– The Skillico pass for Saturday skiers (offer exclusively online),
– The Early Booking Family Offer with the purchase of 4 lift passes for 6 to 14 consecutive days (offer exclusively online and depending on the period),
– 4 hour to 14 day lift passes for holidaymakers or day trippers,
– The beginner ski pass,
– The Grand Massif gift set, to treat your friends and family by offering them a lift pass of your choosing.


Flaine, Les Carroz, Morillon, Samoëns, Sixt… Chose your lift pass based on where you are staying

Whether you are coming to ski for 4 hours or 14 days, discover the different area lift passes…
– The “Grand Massif” lift pass to ski in all of the resorts.
– The “Vill4ges” lift pass to enjoy the 4 village resorts: Les Carroz, Morillon, Samoëns and Sixt.
– The “Flaine” lift pass for those who dream of discovering new horizons in the high mountains.
– The “Sixt” lift pass for families and beginners looking to ski at their own pace.
– The “Beginner” lift pass to make progress in the lower parts of the resorts: Flaine, Les Carroz, Morillon, Samoëns.