Made in Grand Massif

The “Origine Grand Massif” association, driven by a love of the area and a desire to defend the territory’s values gives local producers the opportunity to obtain the Origine Grand Massif (OGM) label as a guarantee of quality.

The “Origine Grand Massif” label puts the emphasis on sharing and communication between visitors and local producers. Its aim is to provide visitors with authentic experiences through contact with the region’s major players.

Find all the producers bearing the Grand Massif Origin label in the agriculture, crafts, culture and gastronomy sectors.



For those who love local savoir-faire in search of regional products, the Grand Massif invites you to weekly tastings being held on the ski slopes:

– Morillon: at the top of the Sairon and Coulouvrier chairlifts

– Flaine: at the top of the Grands Vans chairlift and the top of the Aup de Véran gondola

Valuable information, you increase your chances by being at these locations on Wednesdays and Sundays!


OGM's members

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Maewan is a French NGO aiming to reposition Man at the centre of his environment and to address a major issue: how to flourish together within a world with limited resources?

Its yacht, a nomadic operational platform, left France for a 7-year expedition from the Arctic to Antarctica via the Pacific. It supports educational (eco-citizenship, vocational integration) and environmental actions (raising awareness and accompanying nations in sustainable development), supported by world-class athletes (Sea/Mountain) both in France and abroad.”



213, route des cyclamens

74300 Les Carroz d’Arâches


The Maneguet Farm

Based in Taninges at the foot of the mountains in the Giffre valley, the Maneguet Farm’s history goes all the way back to the end of the 19th century.  Every day we strive to maintain the original role of our family farm, covering around 65 hectares: to feed our family and yours in a healthy and balanced way.

We breed “Montbéliarde” dairy cattle to make the well-known “Savoyard Reblochon” cheese, as well as beef cattle, calves and pigs for their meat.  All of our animals are cared for with respect for them and the environment.

Our farm is open to you and we hope that your visit will inspire greater confidence in the farming community.

La Ferme de Maneguet
191 chemin de Maneguet
74440 Taninges

Opening hours: by appointment between 5pm and 7pm
Farm shop


Emmanuel Paoly

Closer to the stars!
My photography combines two passions: astronomy and mountain photography.
I want to reflect their wonderment.
The photo enables me to transcend the beauty of our landscape under the stars at night-time. The Grand Massif is the ideal playground to cultivate the link between sky and Earth.
Searching for places without light pollution is never-ending.


L'As des Carroz

Ludovic Dewilde is an artisan pasta maker. Based in Les Carroz since 2008, he produces a range of fresh pasta and fresh ravioli (21 different recipes created according to the seasons and markets).

The products are sold in the shop, at markets in the area and sold to caterers and restaurants.

Their slogan : If you wanna go “fasta”, get some fresh pasta !

L’As des Carroz
3161 route de la Barliette
74300 Les Carroz


Nicole Pizzolitto

As a local child, born in 1947, I lived through the transformation of my mountain village into international ski resort.

I wanted to leave a record through a book which I started writing in 2015 and which went on sale a year and a half later.

Can be bought at the Maison de La Presse newsagent in Les Carroz.


La Chèvrerie Pierre à Laya

Following a change of profession, Laëtitia decided to enter the agricultural world by setting up a goat farm.  So in 2012, she passed her BPREA (a professional certificate in farm management).  Construction of the building was completed in 2016 and a herd of 45 young female Alpine Chamoisée goats then settled into the barn.

Laëtitia’s goal is to share her work and evolve her business in a sector with sound and diverse values (breeding, cheese making, sales and visits).

Laëtitia PASSOT
Chèvrerie de la Pierre à Laya
550 route des Champs
74300 Arâches la Frasse


La couture de Régine

Nowadays, I use my skills and creativity in the design and fabrication of good quality “small hand-sewn articles”

I create small handmade items in my workshop in the Haute Savoie: made to order.

La couture de Régine
830 route de Creytoral
74300 Arâches la Frasse


Chaud Devant

Based in Arâches La Frasse since 1988, “Chaud Devant – Want’head” design and make accessories for lovers of outdoor activities and sports.

Products come in two distinct brands:
– Chaud Devant and its technical range including some which were developed in collaboration with the Princess Elisabeth Station in Antarctica
– Want’head with its designer range created in conjunction with various artists.

Chaud Devant
1780, Route du Sappey
74300 Arâches la Frasse


The Ballancy Farm

The Ballancy farm has a herd of 15 Abondance cows and produces farm cheeses. In summer, the cows move up to the Airon alpine pastures.

Cheeses are the main produce, ranging from unpasteurised farmhouse tomme, raclette, unpasteurised Montagnard (mountain cheese) and soft white cheeses. They are all made from milk straight from the herd which spends its time grazing natural alpine plants in the mountains.

La Ferme de Ballancy
Hameau de Ballancy
74300 Arâches la Frasse


Atelier Art et Nature

As an educational artist, art therapist, I encourage a wide variety of people to try artistic activities in connection with the mountain environment.  To develop mountain environmental awareness through artistic creation.

Artistic projects and activities conceived for school field trips, schools, clubs or individuals.  Methods used include arts & crafts, land’art: drawing, painting, sculpting, engraving… as well as nature creations.

Atelier Art et Nature
Ancienne mairie-école
1905 route du Sappey
74300 Arâches-la-frasse


Les Couteaux de la Berchère

Having worked in 49 different trades, Julien Maniglier decided in 2014 that cutler would be his 50th and last.  A 7th generation Haut Savoyard with a deep rooted family cutlery background.

It took him a year to create something which he judged “passable”.  Following intense discussions on the web with pros and frustrating failures, he gradually fine-tuned his own style.

In his view, creating something by hand isn’t just a matter of transforming material, but of injecting his own personality… pushing worries aside, letting go in a way.


The Victorine Farm

The Victorine farm is in Vervex – Domancy and specialises in breeding cattle for meat.
Patrick looks after the Charolais cattle and Julien looks after the Aubrac cattle.

They follow local, natural and sustainable agricultural practices, feeding their animals with produce grown on the holding (hay and cereals)


L'atelier de Puce

Come and meet Cécile in her pottery workshop in the foothills above Samoëns (on the “Chemin des Chapelles” route just below Mathonex).

Her matt and gloss finish white ceramic creations are both simple and sophisticated.  The white colour lends a real softness to the pottery collection.

Cécile Pin
L’Atelier de Puce
sur le “Chemin des Chapelles ”
route en dessous de Mathonex


Pierre Bianco

Pierre Bianco is an artisan stone mason at the Bianco-Maçonnerie family firm, specialising in stonework renovation.  He is a stone cutter and also a member of the Samoëns society of stone masons.

It was by using local expertise, experience and discussions, by gleaning ideas from books and in particular drawing on childhood memories, that Pierre Bianco created sculptures such as “Eppur si muove”, “Le Panorama de nos Montagnes”, “Une pierre de lumière”, “Le monde est stone”, “Soliflore” which can be seen in different places around the Grand Massif.

Pierre Bianco
Clos Moccand
74340 Samoëns


Popcorn Vintage

Organic cotton beanie hats and headbands made in Samoëns.

A place for beanie fans with a flair for bright colours and funky patterns.  Handmade in Samoëns, they bring a smile to the face and a touch of colour to life.

Curly Sue
PopCorn Vintage
28 route du Grand Massif
Les Billets
74340 Samoëns


Patrick Breuzé

“In Haute Savoie, I realised that many stories, expressions and gestures from times gone by, were on the point of disappearing.  To begin with, I listened, then I made notes and later I decided to spend some of my time bringing this heritage, under threat of disappearance, back to life.”

Patrick Breuzé
Immeuble Le Carlina
Route de Sixt
74340 Samoëns


Didier Passaquin

Didier Passaquin is a Samoëns native and has been passionate about photography since he was a little boy.  Equally passionate about motor sport, he combined the two 3 years ago by producing photo reports of rallies.


Biopain tout simplement

Pascal sold toys and Marie was a health visitor in the Ardèche for fifteen years or so.

Together, they then took over a grocery for 8 years.  During this time, they discovered “nice bread” which gave them the urge to retrain professionally and become bakers.  They therefore took a professional qualification at the International School of Bakery (EIDB) near Sisteron in order to make this a reality.

They gained their diploma at the end of 2014 then set about looking for a place in which to establish themselves.  An opportunity arose – in Sixt.  They moved home and set up their bakery during the summer of 2015 and have been producing their organic breads since September of that year, selling them at the region’s markets.

Setting up in Sixt to make organic bread was a real return to basics.  They are passionate about what they are doing and want to share this, explain their approach and put people first.

At the bakery (nothing sold on site):

BIOPAIN Tout simplement
Place de la gare, bât. de l’Espace Culturel
74740 Sixt Fer à Cheval

Where to buy the products:
– At markets: Mondays in Cluses, Tuesdays in Boëge, Wednesdays in Samoëns and Fridays in St Julien en Genevois.
– In shops: Croq’Nature in Cluses, at the Nid Nature in Samoëns, Santoline in Taninges and Viuz-en-Sallaz.


The Lochet sheep pen

A farmer’s daughter, Karine was a school teacher for 12 years.  In 2010, she made a radical change of direction to set up her sheep farm.

She now looks after 80 dairy ewes and has joined her husband’s business and his 60 suckling sheep.

La Bergerie du Lochet
A la ferme, au lieu dit Le Lochet
74740 Sixt-Fer-A-Cheval

Where to buy the products:
– At the farm, in the hamlet of Le Lochet, every evening (except Sundays) from 6pm onwards.
– At Samoëns market, every Wednesday


Smoothies - Mixyclette

Mixyclette is an eco-friendly mobile smoothie bar providing 100% organic smoothies.

Appreciated by all ages, this fun, dynamic concept provides a fun and alternative insight into nutrition, sports and sustainable development in a single activity.

No need to be a regular cyclist to make your own smoothie!


Burnier Michel et Fils

The precision engineering firm, Burnier Michel et Fils, was created in 1964 and has survived over the years due to their constant willingness to keep up with the times.  The business embraced CNC machining whilst maintaining traditional skills.

Their knowledge and skills in machining techniques on all materials means that they can take on any manufacturing order and make highly technical parts in terms of shape and size.



Created and developed by Christian Lacroix, the brand makes pens for which the entire fabrication process takes place in the firm’s workshops in Scionzier.

A passion for literature led to the brand’s identity, the aim being to establish a bond with the author; we wanted to combine our passions with the technical means at our disposal.

We use good high-grade materials.  The pen tells us a story and conveys emotions.



Plum is the story of the Felisaz family who work in the Haute Savoie industry and their passion: the mountains.

Plum’s vision?  Ski and Splitboard bindings designed for you by snow sports enthusiasts who grew up in the mountains.  Developed in their design offices and made in their workshops in Thyez, Haute Savoie.

Plum’s ambition?  To make efficient, solid and light bindings.  Equipment in which we can have full confidence.  100% made locally.


Calm Candle

Michel Baud, once a chocolate maker, is a perfume and interior décor aficionado.
With the help of his wife, he transferred his skills to making candles.
Fabrication of eco-friendly, perfumed candles.
The candles are hand-made, favouring French or European eco-friendly products.



Manufacturing workshop of winter sports and assimilated equipment: skis, monoskis, snowboards, split boards, skate boards, skwals and snow scooters.  Their speciality is custom-made articles, which are made according to the rider’s specifications.  Numerous options, both visual and technical are what distinguish this workshop as well as the exceptional quality of their products.  Equally proud to be “made in Haute Savoie”.

Daniel, the shaper, backed by Piero, has been working there for over 25 years.

LSA – Les Shapers Alpins : Aluflex / Fiberflex / Green snowboard

Daniel SERRE (gérant, shaper) : +33(0) –

Piero (shaper, conception) : +33(0) –

Cyril (assistant) : +33(0) –


Bacs à fleurs

Patrice Bucz is a cabinet maker who just loves working with wood.

He has been making flower boxes since 1994.  The original idea was to create a useful souvenir, as opposed to something that is eaten or drunk.


Key Equipment

Key Equipment is a compagny specialized in the development of splitboard equipments.
This one is imagined, developed, tested and assembled in the Grand Massif.
The design of the Disruptive in rigid plastic meets performance requirements and allows thermoforming to best adapt to each foot shape. It is also a recyclable material that guarantees durability.
Hours: daily by appointment


L'atelier Saint Martin

Frédéric Andrès began his apprenticeship at the age of 14 and set up his Morillon work shop in 2010.  In the 80’s he travelled all over France, learning his craft with masters belonging to the workers’ guild of “les Compagnons du Devoir”.  2017 marked 50 years of entrepreneurial spirit since April 1967 when his father, Jacques Andrès, first set up his carpentry business.


Maison Pineau

In 1960, Gustave Pineau, a Magland butcher, set up the Maison Pineau.  It was taken over by his daughter and son-in-law in 1996.

From its small origins, the firm has grown into a well-known sales business, reputed for its expertise and traditional methods of smoking in tall chimney stacks.

The Maison Pineau has remained true to tradition and has managed to link past and present, thereby ensuring the continued production of its goods.


Philgrill des Alpes

Our team combine experience and skills so that you can enjoy a truly convivial moment.

Devotees of fresh local produce, we adapt to every situation.

Whether for 50 or 1000 people, our concept is just what you need for your events


Les Cols Rouges

Julie Meynet, proud of her region, mountains and gastronomic heritage, has created a range of products that capture the essence of the Haute Savoie.

“Les Cols Rouges” (the red passes) is a reference to mountain passes, the colour associated with Savoy and the Savoyard Commissionaires who were easily recognisable because of their black jackets with a red collar.


L'escargotière d'Arno

I am a snail breeder in the borough of Mieussy.

At my snail farm, I breed some 160,000 little gastropods, which I look after as they gradually grow, I collect them up, prepare and cook them in a variety of recipes, to be sold only at the farm.

Arnaud Deransy
Halfway between Mieussy and Taninges,
just down beside the road.


La brasserie du Giffre

Our craft brewery has more than 35 recipes and has been based in the Giffre valley since 2012.

Our pleasure comes from creating new recipes and discovering new flavours.

Guillaume Wagemans
Brasserie de Vallée du Giffre
331, zone artisanale de l’épure
74440 – Verchaix


Artisan du chocolat

Artchoc was created in 2004 and makes handmade chocolates.

We work with the best produce without artificial flavouring or preservatives; our flavours come from fruit pulp or plant infusions.

We work with the best raw material from a Swiss coating manufacturer.

Anne Berman
30 rue du Giffre
74440 Verchaix

Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 12.15pm and from 2.30pm to 7pm


A la Jaÿsinia

In 1998, Thierry Froissard, a pastry chef with more than 30 years’ experience, took over the House of La Jaÿsinia established in 1880.

World champion pastry chef in 1989 and awarded best craftsman in France, he holds dear the ideologies of quality and he is willing to share his skills.


Gaec Arpennaz

GAEC ARPENNAZ is a sheep breeding farming operation.

We are based in Sallanches and our animals graze from June to September in and around Arâches, Morillon and Flaine.

The lambs are raised on their mother’s milk.  Once they reach their 5th month, they are taken to market.

Fabien et Bérangère Challamel
640 route des Vorziers
74700 Sallanches


Gaec Chamonix

The family farm consists of 90 dairy cows and 100 heifers.

Our dairy cows stay all year round at the farm in Magland except during their dry period when they head up the mountain to Romme-sur-Cluses.

We take care of and raise our heifers at different alpine pastures: Romme-sur-Cluses, Véran (above Sallanches), Arâches and at the Flaine lake meadow.

They feed on hay during the winter months.

Jérémy Delacquis – GAEC Chamonix
Les Prés du Verney – Lieu Dit Chamonix Mottet
74300 Magland

Farm shop open from 7am to 9.30am and from 4.30pm to 7pm from Monday to Saturday.


La Ferme Boisier

On their family farm with 50 dairy cows and 70 goats, the Boisier family transform the milk to produce cow’s milk and goat’s milk tomme, chevrotin and small quantities of butter.


Gaec le Criou

A family dairy producer, the GAEC Le Criou (Aurore Delesmillieres and Bernard Mogenet) was set up in 2008 producing cheeses from unpasteurised whole cow’s milk.

The milk comes from their herd of around fifty cows, fed on fodder and grass from their pastures.

Most of the milk produced is sold to the Samoëns cooperative for the manufacture of reblochon.

Some of the milk is used to make fresh cream cheeses on the farm.  Traditional local good quality cheeses made on site.

Aurore Delesmillieres et Bernard Mogenet
GAEC Le Criou


Digital Native Associated

Digital Native Associated is an association whose aim is to promote the local musical scene, using a variety of actions to help groups and artists evolve.

The association has a strong link with local groups in the Arve and Giffre valley and wants to get them known amongst regulars to the ski resorts as well as to occasional visitors eager to make new musical discoveries.


Bouilleur de photos

A photo, permanent souvenir, such impact without words, no language barriers; a moment frozen in time shared through the power of image.


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