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Forest plantation programme

Reforestation of our territory : Offsetting our residual CO2 emissions


Did you know ?

In Magland and Nancy sur Cluses, nearly 180 ha of forest were affected by the storm in 2019. 75 ha of these forests are privately owned, the rest belongs to the municipalities.

Forests play a major role: they are the 2nd largest carbon sink after the oceans and therefore have a key role to play in the current climate context. They also play an economic role in our region (wood production), are home to a considerable level of biodiversity, play a role in protecting against risks, limit soil erosion and protect water resources.

The reforestation of Magland’s forests is therefore a clear necessity.


Grand Massif Domaines Skiables takes action in replanting the Magland forest

Grand Massif Domaines Skiables is financing voluntarily over a 3 year period (2022-2024), in conjunction with the Magland and Nancy-sur-Cluses forestry owners’ associations, the reforestation of parcels of private forest impacted by the storm.
Some of these operations will be certified "Low-Carbon", a government standard for labelling the contribution by companies and local authorities to CO2 sequestration projects in forests. The aim is to promote silvicultural practices that go beyond the traditional ones, thus enabling additional carbon to be captured. These actions are part of Grand Massif Domaines Skiables' action plan to offset its residual carbon emissions.

In addition to the voluntary reforestation, Grand Massif Domaines Skiables is participating in the reforestation of Magland’s private and public forestry land to compensate for woodland impacted by the Coulouvrier bowl development project. The 1st phase was carried out in 2022.

As part of this, planting was carried out:
- In Nancy, on 6th and 7th October 2022.
- In Magland, on 21st and 28th October with the participation of GMDS employees.

To find out about the Low carbon certification

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