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The Grandes Platières Odyssey

Take a trip back in time in Flaine

It’s THE new feature of the summer of 2023 at an altitude of 2500m!

Captain Nemo takes us on a time travel with his submarine, the Nautilus (aka the Grandes Platières cable car or DMC). You will travel back 200 million years to understand how marine fossils could end up at an altitude of 2500m. So let yourself be guided on this adventure!

We have kept Captain Nemo’s logbook (on sale for 1€ at the DMC ticket office) to explain the site’s special features.
A journey for everyone, accompanied by Captain Nemo and his helmsperson Juliette, to go back in time and understand the mysteries of the Grande Platières site.

To do this, simply download the QR code from the time machine, in other words, the famous Nautilus… An adventure not to be missed!