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The Region gives us its support

The Region is investing in the mountains


The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region has adopted an ambitious policy in favour of mountain resorts, in order to improve tourist facilities and the overall quality of tourist activities.

The aim of this mountain plan is to mitigate the snow deficit in resorts by supporting them in their projects in securing strategic sectors within the ski areas through the deployment of snowmaking (lower slopes, resort level, links).

With the Mountain Plan, this means that nearly €110M will be invested during the current administration.

Concrete examples of ongoing investments in the Grand Massif ski area to which the region has contributed:

– Snowmaking equipment on the green “Marvel” piste,

– Snowmaking equipment on the top of the blue Tourmaline piste,

– Snowmaking equipment in the Vernant bowl.

– Creation of the « Socqua » reservoir.



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