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1600M - 2500M

Welcome to Flaine, a resort nestled at the heart of a superb natural cirque since the end of the 60’s.

Like an ode to nature, this truly architectural work of art is set in a breath-taking landscape, benefitting from an extraordinary geographical position.

For this reason in particular, Flaine is one of the region’s legendary resorts.

Once here, get your fill of thrills.  Here, moving about is “on skis” and cars are not allowed.  It is worth noting that because of its exceptional position, the resort is blessed with an excellent snow cover throughout the season.

The Cultural life of Flaine is not to be overlooked.  Animated and festive, it provides visitors with an opportunity to enjoy an “après-ski” that is rich in discoveries.


Flaine’s panorama presents an extraordinary landscape that combines monumental sculptures, including Dubuffet’s “Copse of 7 Trees” (9.2m tall), Picassos “Head of a Woman” (12m tall) and Vasarely’s “Three Hexagons” (5.3m tall), with a sweeping view of the Mont Blanc mountain range! Marvel at the most beautiful view of Mont Blanc by taking the Grandes Platières cable car.


With its 64 pistes and 24 ski lifts, the Flaine ski area provides all types of skiers with the opportunity to discover and descend the resort’s long white boulevards.
Designed by French ski champion, Emile Allais, Flaine’s ski slopes follow the natural contours of the mountain. Tour the Grand Massif ski area taking only blue runs!

With family or friends, ski from Flaine to Sixt in no time at all!

Starting from the Grandes Platières, follow the 14km long Blue Cascades piste and meet the unexpected landscapes bordering the Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval Nature Reserve.

Created in 1994, the Cascade piste is the longest ski run in the Grand Massif. An elevation drop of 1700m separates the start of the run from its arrival in Sixt.
Winding through alpine pasturelands and forests, it boasts at the start a panoramic view of the Mont Blanc peaks, then throughout the descent, views emerge of the peaks around Sixt (the Fiz range, the Fer-à-Cheval cirque, the Pointe d’Anterne, the “Pas de Sales” passage etc…)
It is not uncommon to spot chamois or ibex from the piste.

For the more experienced...

A magical place in Flaine: the Gers Bowl. 700m of elevation drop in virgin snow for a vertiginous and unforgettable moment: meet the unexpected !

A fabulous spot, marked but not groomed, the Gers bowl is recommended for Freeride enthusiasts With just one draglift going back up the bowl’s 800 meters elevation drop, it is an impressive slope with a favourable orientation... This does not prevent us from warning even the most experienced among you. There are numerous rocky crags which are often high as well as dangerous avalanches.


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