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Why is the Chariande 2 chairlift at a standstill ?

Dear skiers and snowboarders of the Chariande 2 chairlift heading up from the resort of Samoëns,

As observed throughout the season, this ski lift is at a standstill. But for what reason?

It turns out that following a landslide, the drive machinery station subsided by 50cm on the eastern slope (Sixt side). This natural geological event is currently in a slow-moving dynamic state. In other words, this subsidence is occurring progressively, deforming the ground and affecting the facilities on site, including the departure terminal of the Chariande 2 chairlift. The first pylons were also impacted, causing the line to derail between the first and second pylons. Added to this is the damage to the installation’s foundations (terminal station shafts and concrete blocks). This problem appeared in 2021, and led the supervisory authority to understandably suspend the machine’s operating permit.

GMDS carried out a complete instrumentation survey of the whole of the Chariande depression, since other problems had arisen, in particular around the Soleil draglift. For this the services of a ski lift project manager, a geo-technician and a specialist surveyor were used, and the monitoring data was sent to the Samoëns municipality, in its capacity as delegating authority.

Problems have also arisen on the departmental road and in the vicinity of several buildings on the Plateau des Saix, including the Club Med.

As a result, a study was carried out to assess possible solutions. The results are indisputable! The lift departure station will have to be completely rebuilt.

By way of clarification, this ski lift is operated under a leasing contract with the Samoëns municipality, which owns it and therefore has the final say on its future.

Yours respectfully

The Grand Massif team