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Environmental Observatory

The Grand Massif Environmental Observatory sets out to protect and respect our outstanding natural heritage. It covers 4,219 hectares spanning 5 towns. The observatory compiles an exhaustive list of the region’s biodiversity in all its forms: landscapes, flora and fauna.

This snapshot of the local biodiversity is used to track documented changes, find solutions for preserving or restoring the land, and preserve high-risk areas that have been listed by the observatory.

We also strive to set a good example in the way we conduct our work in regard to administration and regulations, and to be a pioneer in our land development schemes.

Our work is based on three pillars:


ACTIONS already taken :

• Setting up winter migration reserves for black grouse and ptarmigans and protecting local bird species from the ski lift cables which can cause accidents among birds in flight.

• Working with Hépia (school of landscaping, engineering and architecture in Geneva) to develop seed mixtures suited to the ecological requirements of black grouse.

• Working with ecodesign consultants like Agrestis and Karum to ensure that our facilities fit harmoniously into the natural surroundings, and with the French heritage architects, such as for the conveyor in Flaine.