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A managing plan of our natural environment

Sustainable management of the biodiversity in our ski area : A management plan for our land ownership in Flaine


Did you know ?

Grand Massif Domaines Skiables is landowner of the Flaine ski area. Our holdings are home to a variety of natural habitats (forests, alpine heathland, wetlands, alpine grasslands) with their own specific fauna and flora.

All owners of forestry covering more than 25 ha is obliged to draw up a Simple Management Plan (PSG). This document establishes the sustainable management of the forestry stock. It is drawn up for a minimum of 10 years. That of the GMDS forests has expired.

How to sustainably manage our holdings

Grand Massif Domaines Skiables goes a step further by implementing a Management Plan for all natural environments within its holdings (and not just the forests) and a specific biodiversity preservation and enhancement objective, whilst at the same time, a place for the general public to visit.

The document will be drawn up in 2023 in partnership with the “Conservatoire des Espaces Naturels de Haute-Savoie” and the "Gestionnaires Forestiers des Alpes" Limited Liability Company to be implemented in 2024.

Data from the Environmental Observatory will be used to prepare the Management Plan.