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Come and try out the Grand Massif’s freeride zones for experienced and expert skiers and snowboarders!

Flaine - Agate

­- One of the best views of Mont Blanc from the start of the run,
- Take the old Lindars chairlift in the Aup de Véran sector.

Forfait-ski Grand Massif

Flaine - The Véret bowl

­- Marked black run with covering an elevation drop of almost 600m,
- Head to the Grands Vans sector, then take the Véret draglift.

Flaine - The black “Gers” run

­- Marked black run with an elevation drop of almost 800m,
­- For experienced and experts,
­- Free ride for fans of steep slopes and thrills,
­- Fabulous off-piste possibilities,
­- A natural bowl unspoilt by any infrastructure, chosen as the site for a very long draglift in order to easily get back up the Gers bowl,
­- Take a look at the run down!

Les Carroz - Corbalanche

- Patrolled and marked black run starting at the top of the Tête des Saix chairlift with a panoramic view,
- There is also an AVD checkpoint to test that your Avalanche Victim Detector transceiver is in good working order.

forfait ski grand massif

Samoëns - Corne

- Marked black run in the new Coulouvrier Bowl,
- Take the Coulouvrier chairlift, the longest in Europe to get there.

Samoëns - ADV Park

The ski area has set up an AVD park in the Coulouvrier bowl, so that off-piste skiers and snowboarders can practice searching for avalanche victims.


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