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Picture a vast and fascinating mineral ocean – a high altitude zone with close-up view of Mont Blanc.  Imagine minimalist architecture completely blended into its surroundings to the point of being almost unseen.

Here is where master architects and modern artists shaped the buildings to emphasise the beauty of the countryside and adorned it with masterful sculptures.

Welcome to Flaine, the Grand Massif resort reinventing the image of the Alps!

Did you know that Flaine is the only ski resort listed as a national heritage “Historic Monument” site?

Enjoy it… On foot

Cars have disappeared from Flaine. Parked out of site, they are easily forgotten.

Here, everything happens on foot, between the shops and restaurants, everything is centralised and integrated into the resort’s architecture.
Experience total immersion at the heart of the mountains, opposite the ski area and with immediate access to the lifts.

Free and paying car parks are situated at the entrance to the resort for your use.
For arrival and departure purposes, you can drive within the resort for 1.5 hours without charge.

Easy access to an altitude of 2500m

Using the cable car (DMC) you can enjoy the exceptional panoramic view from the Aiguille Verte to the Chamonix Aiguilles comprising the whole of the Mont Blanc mountain range at 2500m above sea level.
To get back down, it’s up to you: on foot following the marked trails, by MTB for experts or in the DMC!

An exceptional site…

At the top of the cable car, you will discover the Platé Desert, a truly unique curiosity of its type.
This unique geological formation is in fact the bed of a 40 million year old ocean!
Laid bare by glacial erosion, sculpted by the combined action of snow, ice and running water, the limestone rock was carved into extraordinary shapes, called lapis. Deep crevasses, hollows, grooves, mazes, spines, potholes, notches and other micro-reliefs are spread over several kilometres.
For a geological adventure, set out in search of the numerous fossils, evidence of the oceanic origins of the Platé Desert.

Flaine and the art

The resort of Flaine invites you to discover its works of art.
Situated at the heart of the resort, Flaine’s Art Centre which opened in 1970 is also its soul. Its contemporary art exhibitions have hosted some of the greatest artists of the 20th century and a highly talented new generation has followed on. Whilst on holiday in Flaine, a visit to the Centre is a must.

You can also admire the creations on display at the bottom of the Grand Platières cable car.


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