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Objective 1: Net Zero Carbon

In line with the COMPAGNIE DES ALPES’s targets, GRAND MASSIF DOMAINES SKIABLES is pursuing its Net Zero Carbon objective.

By 2030, we aim to reduce our direct greenhouse gas emissions (energy consumption) by 80% and offset our remaining emissions.



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What is the energy efficiency plan?

This energy efficiency plan aims to reduce energy consumption in the Grand Massif area by 5% per year, over a two-year period. It is also intended to be a long-term commitment to meeting climate targets.

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What is the carbon Medium Term Plan (MTP)?

It calculates the carbon footprint of investments over the medium term (10 years). It’s a decision-making support model.

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ACTIONS already taken

“Grand Massif Domaines Skiables” took the decision to switch its entire fleet of snow groomers over to HVO100 synthetic fuel. On the strength of this conclusive experience, we have extended this action to all of our fleet of vehicles.

The company is financing voluntarily the reforestation of tracts of private forest affected by the storm in 2019 in the municipalities of Magland and Nancy-sur-Cluses.

This funding is made possible by the sale of the paper version of the piste map at 1€ apiece.
Setting up energy audits on our main buildings: an energy audit is an in-depth analysis of a building's energy performance. It is a tool to help reduce a building's specific energy consumption.

Upcoming ACTIONS

Actions on buildings and renewable energies: continued improvement in the energy efficiency of buildings, electrification of the fleet of snow groomers, measures to improve staff mobility, etc.


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