Morning 16°c
Afternoon 21°c


1100m - 2100m

Welcome to Morillon, a friendly and characteristically Haut-Savoyard resort.

The resort of Morillon easily blends into its vast forest plateau and is as much appreciated by families for its “après-ski” activities, as it is by beginner skiers for its recreational slopes.  In an unspoilt natural environment, you will find a small traditional village as well as a pedestrianised resort where you don’t even need to remove your skis to get about.

Get your fill of thrills in the natural ski area that makes up Morillon with activities aplenty!

Zoom: 700m/1100m altitude

Meet the unexpected by the Far North feel to Morillon!
Activities such as ski-joëring, learning to drive a dog-sled team, dog-sled rides, pony tobogganing or even an nocturnal snow-shoe outing followed by a fireside dinner in a yurt…

Morillon’s top skiing spots

Morillon is the birthplace of Antoine Deneriaz, downhill Olympic champion and provides an ideal setting for recreational and family skiing in an unspoilt natural environment.

For everyone, with the family or ski buddies

The green Marvel slope : a funny trail of 7km through the woodsski de 7km.
Every Tuesday and Wednesday during the French half term holidays, Meet the unexpected with this 5km run down on a toboggan !

For everyone, but higher level

Take the Coulouvrier chairlift, which at 2.9 km is the longest in Europe!


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