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Objective 3: Managing water resources and zero waste loss

The Objective of Managing water resources and zero waste loss, aims to reduce the amount of water we draw and the amount we consume, as well as increasing recycling at source.

To achieve this objective, “Grand Massif Domaines Skiables” has launched an action plan.

Find out more about our resources and actions to achieve this third objective!

What does it mean to set up a water efficiency plan?

The water efficiency plan aims to reduce our water extraction and consumption. It covers our domestic water consumption and the production of man-made snow.
This plan includes:
- a diagnosis of current consumption,
- details of actions already carried out,
- actions to be taken to ensure sustainable management of the resource.

What is "Waste" reporting?

The 'Waste' reporting aims to reduce the quantity of OIW (Ordinary Industrial Waste) generated by our activity. This waste, which is neither inert nor hazardous, accounts for a significant proportion of our environmental impact. The solution lies in optimising waste separation at source.

ACTIONS already taken:

- Eliminating waste reduces water pollution. That's why the company has removed the rubbish bins in the ski area, with the aim of encouraging the public to keep and recycle their rubbish at the bottom of the resorts, where rubbish bins are available. See where these bins are located!

- “Grand Massif Domaines Skiables” provides pocket ashtrays at events and at the lift ticket offices to encourage smokers to pick up their cigarette butts and help keep the ski area clean.

- In partnership with the "Compagnie Des Alpes" and the IDM team (technical partner for eco-responsible mountain professionals), the company was able to recycle sheave liners, giving them a new life as floor tiles.

- The staff restaurant has been recycling its food waste since 7 February 2023 using a composter, thereby helping to reduce waste.

Upcoming ACTIONS:

- All new company projects will now have to include sustainable water management measures.

- To save domestic water, the installation of flow reducing valves and automatic sensors on taps, as well as more economical flushing systems, is planned.